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ISDC Direct of ISDC works with Higher Education Providers and Private Training Providers for facilitating the Specific Training Solutions. ISDC is a Dynamic Global Education & Skill Development Company with a Vision of Skills for Tomorrow. We are very Innovative and Aggressive to ensure Sustainable Growth for Inculcating Future Skills.

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Our Education Network & Portfolio

An ISDC Channel works with Universities and Higher Education Providers for Developing and Upgrading the Academic Degrees.

An Online Learning Platform and EdTech Service facilitating Learning Solutions by acting as an Aggregator.

IRTEF assesses the quality of Research & Teaching in higher education providers and differentiates quality over and above the baseline set by quality assurance.

An International Creative & Design School Network.

An ISDC Channel of Training Centre Network.

An Academy focuses on building & developing Entrepreneurial Skills.

A Channel of Learning Solutions.

An International Centre Supports Corporate Research & Development.

Premium Trans National Commerce Education Network in India.

Premium & Emerging Global Business School Network.

International Bachelor Degrees based on Vocational Education.

Fully-fledged Awarding Organization for Next Generation Qualifications.

An ISDC Framework for Developing Customized Qualifications.

Accreditation Service to the University Degrees.

Service to the Universities to engage the Alumni by Continuing Education.

Skilling & Vocational Training Solutions and Partnerships.

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