This Program is designed by the Institute of Analytics (IoA) to understand how utilising the speed and processing-power of computers can assist in using data to make better decisions. You discover the new methods and the smart, unusual questions needed to make sense of both numerical and textual data. The Qualification balances solid theory with practical application through exploring topics including; Computer science and programming; Databases and mathematical skills, Specialist skills in the areas of big data and data science & analytics.

Your learning will be informed by the expertise of our research-focused academics, while input from industry ensures the course content meets today’s business needs.

After the successful completion of the IoA Diploma in Data Analytics; the students can progress to the IoA Professional Diploma in Data Science & Analytics with Exemptions (Module 01-06).

About IoA

Course Objectives

Harvard Business Review recently described the job of Data Scientist as “the sexiest job of the 21st century”. Data science is about doing some detective work and carrying out the investigations needed to inform important decisions and to predict new trends. Technology is growing and evolving at an incredible speed, and both the rate of growth of data we generate and the devices we use to process it can only increase.

Demand for skilled graduates in the areas of big data and data science & analytics is growing rapidly in both the public and private sector, and there is a predicted shortage of data scientists with the skills to understand and make commercial decisions based on the analysis of big data. A successful career in data science requires you to possess truly interdisciplinary knowledge, so we ensure that you graduate with a wide-ranging yet specialised set of skills in this area. Data scientists are required in every sector, carrying out statistical analysis or mining data on social media, so our Qualification can open the door to almost any industry, from health, to government, to publishing.

Who is it For?

Diploma in Data Analytics is a fundamental to Data Analytics. Any Graduates or “A” Level (or Equivalent) Completed Students can join for this Program.

The Graduates (Computer Science or Applications /Mathematics/Statistics. Etc) may get exemptions for the Modules 01 & 02 based on their Under Graduation.

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